More Crate 78s This Week

RRR host Roy Forbes, just can’t resist prowling through those crates of 78s that reside in his slightly cluttered North Vancouver basement. So, this week, on Roy’s Record Room, Mr. Forbes presents another hour of eclectic shellac from the likes of Little Jimmie Dickens, Buddy & Ella Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Joe Venuti’s Rhythm Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, Wynonie ‘Mr. Blues’ Harris, Jimmie Skinner, and more.

For this week’s highlight, Roy has selected a fabulous 1955 single from the incomparable Sarah Vaughan. Sarah’s seductive rendition of “Whatever Lola Wants” hit the #6 spot on the Hit Parade in April of that year. Listen and marvel as how Sarah teases the melody and the rhythm with her formidable vocal chops. Get ready to give in to “Whatever Lola Wants”, in all of its hi-fi glory.

The spin begins on Sunday, March 26th, 2 PM, Mountain, on donor supported CKUA Radio. Dial in for more crate 78s on Roooy’s Record Room. Revolving. Revealing. And having a whole lotta fun.

And folks … The second weekend in April marks seventeen years of RRR. With this in mind, Roy wants to celebrate YOU, the Triple-R radio listeners, by spinning an hour of Listener highlights on the April 9th show. If you want to get in on the fun, send an e-mail to  Or, send an audio message using the ‘Open Mic’ feature on the CKUA app. Let Roy know where you’re writing from and what tune you’ve heard on RRR that you’d like to hear again.

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