A Fresh Fingerfulla 45s on Roy’s Record Room

This week, on Triple-R Radio, Roy checks out a fresh stack of 45s that recently showed up in The Room. You’ll hear the obscure and the familiar from the likes of Doris Troy, Joe Barry, the Flamingos, the Fiestas, Alvin Cash & the Crawlers, the Impressions, the Marvelettes, and so many more.

Here’s a FUN highlight. Before the official British Invasion led by the Beatles in 1964, two of the top English rock ‘n’ roll imports to Canada were Cliff Richard and the Shadows. Cliff and the Shadows were all over the radio, together and separately. Well, actually, most of the early Cliff Richard 45s featured the Shadows as his backing band. Like “Dancing Shoes”, from 1963.

The spin begins this Sunday, January 29th, at 2 PM on CKUA. Tune in for a Fingerfulla 45s on Roooy’s Record Room, the show that continues to revolve.

This episode of RRR will be available ‘on demand’ for seven days after the first broadcast –  ondemand.ckua.com

More 78s From The Crates

Hecks-a-poppin this week on Roy’s Record Room as Mr. Forbes presents another instalment in the ‘78s from the crates series. You’ll hear a 1930 super session with the Blue Yodeler, Jimmie Rodgers, joined by Louis Armstrong and his wife, Lil, for an unforgettable musical meeting. Bessie Smith sings of the devastating Christmas Day Nashville flood of 1926 Hank Williams sings about another river. John Lee Hooker hears his mama and papa talking late into the night.

A true highlight is a 1953 disc from Portuguese singer, Amalia Rodrigues, Queen of Fado. Amalia declares her lifelong love for Fado. She says, “Fado was my beginning, it will be my end”. Portugal declared its love for Amalia by declaring three days of mourning upon her death in 1999.

The spin begins on Sunday, January 22nd, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Dial in for more 78s from the crates on Rooooy’s Record Room, the show that continues to revolve.

78s from the Crates – 2022 Highlights

2022 was another year of discovery on Triple-R Radio’s ‘78s from the crates’ series. This New Years Day, Roy spins some of the shellac that stood out. You’ll hear Western Swing from Spade Cooley. Hot string band Hillbilly from the Plainsmen. Jive vocals from the Royal Rhythm Boys. Fiery string-band jazz from Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang. Clean blues fingerpicking from Blind Blake. Acapella Gospel from the Birmingham Jubilee Singers. Rockin’ jump-blues from Annisteen Allen. And that’s just scratching the surface.

The first spin of 2023 begins this Sunday, January 1st, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Dial in for some 2022 ‘78s from the crates’ highlights on Rooooy’s Record Room, the show that resolves to revolve and reveal.

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to more shellac and vinyl in 2023 on Triple-R Radio aka RRR aka The Room aka Roy’s Record Room.

Christmas Day on RRR

This Sunday, it’s Christmas Day on RRR. Roy digs deep into his extensive collection of Christmas records for an audio holiday haul. Bessie Smith says “Hooray for Christmas”. NRBQ have a sincere Christmas wish. The Three Wise Men (aka XTC) are extremely thankful for Christmas. Aretha Franklin confesses a liking for kissing by the mistletoe. Tommy Flanagan treats us to an exquisitely jazzy Christmas waltz. Merle Haggard is dreaming of a white Christmas. Etta Jones hopes we all have a merry little Christmas.

A highlight of a three-song trip to the manger is Nina Simone’s stomping rendition of “Children, Go Where I Send You”, taken from her 1959 Colpix LP, “The Amazing Nina Simone”. True to the album’s title, Nina is absolutely amazing.

The Christmas day spin begins this Sunday, December 25th, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Join Santa Roy for Christmas Day on Roy’s Record Room, the show that repeats the sounding joy.

Roy wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a real gone 2023.

Santa, Santa, Santa

It’s all songs about Santa, Santa, Santa this week on Roy’s Record Room. Mr. Claus gets up to all kinds of shenanigans on the show. Big John Greer wants to see Santa do the Mambo. The Korn Kobblers are endorsing the Santa Claus Polka. The Hepsters are rockin’ and rollin’ with the big guy. According to Marty Martin (aka Boxcar Willie), Santa’s given up rock ‘n ‘roll to become a hootenanny Santy. All Pearl Bailey wants from Kris Kringle is a five pound box of money. Louis Prima wonders what Santa will say when he finds everybody swinging. Lord Nelson suggests that we throw a big party for the jolly old gent.

On the other hand, Loretta Lynn isn’t all that impressed with ol’ St. Nick. She’s really giving him a piece of her mind. He’s not been cooperative at all. Loretta says, To Heck With Old Santa Claus.

The spin begins this Sunday, December 18th, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Dial in for a mess of tunes about Santa, Santa, Santa on  Roooy’s Record Room, the show that repeats the sounding joy.

A Snow Day

This week, Roy begins his annual dive into his extensive collection of seasonal 78s, 45s. LPs, and CDs for a snow day on RRR. Willie P. Bennett deals with drifting snow. On “Winter Time Blues”, Big Maceo’s overcoat is in pawn and he hasn’t got a dime. Slim & Slam are getting kind of chilly. Snow is cold but love can be bold, on Bob Dylan’s “Winterlude”. Bill Monroe finds his true love by tracing her footprints in the snow. Sarah Vaughan and her sweetie are snowbound. Connie Francis is going to be warm this winter. On the other hand, Bing Crosby is forecasting a cold, cold winter.

In one of the many Snow Day highlights, Stompin Tom Connors highly approves of wintertime Ski-doo activities on “The Snowmobile Song”. In Tom’s opinion, there ain’t no deal like a snowmobile. As well, life can be real on a snowmobile.

The wintry spin begins this Sunday, December 11th, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Tune in for A Snow Day on Roy’s Record Room, the show that repeats the sounding joy.

78s From The Crates #50

It’s a milestone edition of Roy’s Record Room as RRR host, Roy Forbes, celebrates the 50th episode of the ongoing ‘78s from the crates’ series. You’ll hear terrific sides from the likes of the Farmer Boys, Joe Venuti & His Blue Four, Patsy Montana, Amos Milburn & His Aladdin Chickenshackers, Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers, Julia Lee & Her Boyfriends, Fats Domino, and more.

A topical highlight is a 1947 Decca disc that tells things like they are today as we navigate our way through these current inflationary times. Listen in. You might just nod your head in agreement as Louis Jordan sings “Inflation Blues”.

The spin begins Sunday, December 4th, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Tune in to celebrate episode # 50 of the ‘78s from the crates’ series on Rooooy’s Record Room, the show that revolves and reveals.


78s From The Crates #49

This week on RRR, Roy’s back to COMBING THROUGH the endless crates of 78s IN HIS SLIGHTLY CLUTTERED BASEMENT. He’s uncovered an eclectic batch of good stuff. Big Maybelle’s very first recording circa 1944. The last Hank Williams single released in his lifetime. A fun 1956 rock ‘n’ roll attempt from veteran Western Swing BANDLEADER, Cecil Campbell. Vintage 1925 jazz from Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five. A sunny sounding tribute to love from the B-side of Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue”.

A highlight is a 1937 hot dance disc from Jack Shilkret’s band with an amiable vocal chorus from studio singer, Chick Bullock. In this number, the singer wants to get a job in radio so he can tell his sweetie that he loves her from coast to coast. Nowadays, on CKUA, he could tell the whole wide world of his undying affection.

The shellac spin begins this Sunday, November 22nd, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Tune in for a cool batch of 78s from the crates on Roooy’s Record Room. Over sixteen years of revolving and revealing.

A Celebration of CKUA’s 95th Birthday

This week, Triple-R Radio celebrates CKUA’s 95th birthday a day early with a stack of shellac 78s from 1927, the year of CKUA’s birth. You’ll hear essential sides from Blind Alfred Reed, Carolina Tar Heels, Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra, the Carter Family, Jane Green, Clifford Hayes & His Louisville Stompers, Bessie Smith & Her Blue Boys, Duke Ellington, Gene Austin, Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers, Lee Morse, and more.

A true highlight is a hot side from Bessie Smith and Her Blue Boys. Bessie and the fellas are totally in CKUA party mode with “There’ll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight”.

It promises to be an entertaining hour as Roy plays nothing but 78s from way back in 1927. Happy Birthday, CKUA!

The 1927 spin begins Sunday, November 20th, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Dial in to celebrate CKUA’s 95th with a stack of 1927 78s on Rooooy’s Record Room, the show that continues to revolve.


Donor Suggestions From the Fall Fundraiser

This week, on Triple-R Radio, Roy goes through a few donor suggestions that came into the RRR mailbox during the CKUA fall fundraiser. You’ll hear an eclectic batch of platters from the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Duke Ellington, Moe Koffman, Sam Cooke, Brenda Lee, Billie Holiday, Bobby Darin, and more.

One of the many highlights is a request from Lennie of Edmonton, who suggested something from the late, great Jerry Lee Lewis. In honor of the last man standing, Roy plays both sides of Jerry Lee’s very first single, spinning off of the original 1956 yellow-label Sun 78. In true Jerry Lee style, Mr. Lewis took a then-current # 1 Ray Price Country hit (Crazy Arms) and put his own indelible stamp on the tune.

Dial in to Roy’s Record Room on CKUA this coming Sunday, November 13th, 2 PM, Mountain, where you’ll hear a batch of donor requests from the fall fundraiser.

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