Love Turns To Ice

Love Turns To Ice (1987)
LP AKA Records

This album, available on good 'ol VINYL only, was released in 1987.

Roy’s first full solo studio production since 1978’s “Thistles”, “Love Turns To Ice” was recorded during the summer and fall of 1987 at Blue Wave Studio in Vancouver. Roy was in the producer chair once again. The LP was recorded and mixed by Bill Buckingham.

LTTI contains such Roy Forbes classics as “Love Turns To Ice”, “Tiny Island”, “Away From Me”, “Breaks My Heart” and Roy’s solo acoustic performance of the Hank Williams song, “Lost On The River”.

Musicians include Jerry Adolphe - drums; Doug Edwards - bass; Norman MacPherson - electric guitar; Connie LeBeau - bass; Robbie King - electric piano; Dave Pickell - keyboards; Connie Kaldor, Sue Leonard - background vocals.

Roy’s on acoustic and electric guitars; harmony vocals.

LTTI is the first album to be released under Roy’s full name and was also the first release on Roy’s label, AKA Records.

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