Roy Gets Covered

A chronicle of Roy Forbes songs interpreted and recorded by other artists

UPDATED: November 30, 2022

As it turns out, songs written by Roy Forbes have been regularly performed and recorded by quite a few other artists over his fifty-plus year career. This page will be a work-in-progress as we gather information and facts about these renditions of Roy’s work.

In July 1971, a few weeks after arriving in Vancouver from his home in Dawson Creek, 18-year-old Roy Forbes was invited to write something for the group Skylark, led by up-and-coming piano player, David Foster. The Band was gathering material for their first album. Roy came through with the rockin’ “She Won’t Give Me Her Love”, which was quickly taken into consideration. Roy even sang the number with the group during a basement rehearsal. Although Skylark ended up not recording “She Won’t Give Me Her Love”, this is the first known cover of a Bim|Roy Forbes song.

As Roy began to build his career in the early seventies, playing coffeehouses like the Hovel in Edmonton and the Riverboat in Toronto, appearing on radio stations like CKUA and CBC, and more touring throughout Canada, a few of his early songs were picked up and performed by other young artists on the circuit. For instance, singer-songwriter Betty Chaba (Edmonton) the jazzy vocal group Phat Chants (Edmonton) and Regina’s old-timey Everyday Dirt, all added Roy’s numbers to their own coffeehouse sets.

Roy’s very first officially recorded and released covers appeared in 1975, when Casino label-mate, Susan Jacks cut two of his tunes for her “Dream” LP.

Note that Roy has never worked with a dedicated song publisher. So, most of these interpretations of his works have resulted from live performances at festivals and concerts, late-night guitar pulls, radio broadcasts, his albums, and other organic word-of-mouth situations.

We want to thank Chris White, host of Ottawa’s long-running CKCU folk show, Canadian Spaces, for inspiring this page by putting together a two-hour radio special in April 2022, highlighting Roy’s songs sung by other singers.

Click here to check out that show ‘on demand’.


2022 | Suzie Vinnick | Let Me Make It Up To You Tonight | Fall Back Home | Self


Date | Artist | Song | Album | Label

1975 | Susan Jacks | Sometimes It’s Hard To Know | Dream | Casino Records

1975 | Susan Jacks | Dirty Blues | Dream | Casino Records

1979 | Sylvia Tyson | Right After My  Heart | Sugar For Sugar, Salt For Salt | Salt Records

1980 | Matt Minglewood | Me And My Baby | Movin’ | RCA Victor

1982 | Shari Ulrich | Love Turns To Ice | Talk Around Town | MCA

1982 | Shari Ulrich | Talk Around Town | Talk Around Town | MCA

1984 | Garnet Rogers  | Woh Me | Garnet Rogers | Snow Goose Songs

1985 | Valdy | Dance All Night | Notes From Places | Duke Street Records

1985 | Valdy | This Feeling | Notes From Places | Duke Street Records

1986 | Tony Trischka & Skyline | Tender Lullaby | Skyline Drive | Flying Fish Records

1986 | Tony Trischka & Skyline | Woh Me | Skyline Drive | Flying Fish Records

1989 | Shawn Colvin | Talk Around Town | Live At The Bottom Line 88 | Fast Folk Musical Magazine

1989 | Great Western Orchestra (Cindy Church) | Your Image Of  Me | GWO | Centerfire Records

1993 | Laurie Lewis | Still A Fool | True Stories | Rounder Records

1994 | Suzie Vinnick | Keep Lightin’ That Fire | Angel in the Sidelines | Eizusagous Rox Records

1994 | Suzie Vinnick | Do I Love You | Angel in the Sidelines | Eizusagous Rox Records

1994 | Heather Bishop | Waitin’ For You, Mama | Daydream Me Home | Mother Of Pearl|watch?v=8oHCp98cOHc

1994 | Heather Bishop | Let Me Make It Up To You Tonight | Daydream Me Home | Mother Of Pearl

1995 | Cindy Church | Still A Fool | Just a Little Rain | Stony Plain Records

1995 | Kathy Kallick | Smelly Feet | Use A Napkin (Not Your Mom) | Sugar Hill

1996 | Kathy Kallick | Ring The Bells At Midnight | Tinsel Tunes | Sugar Hill

1997 | Hart Rouge | Lifting My Heart | Beaupré’s Home | Red House Records

1998 | Hart Rouge | Night on a Hill | Nouvelle France  | Red House Records

2002 | Suzie Vinnick | I’m On The Edge | 33 Stars | Eizusagous Rox Records

2007 | Tracey Brown | Let Me Make It Up To You Tonight | Alone | Rip Roar

2000 | Norman Foote | Smelly Feet | Shake a Leg | Casablanca Kids

2010 | Jane Mortifee | Nothing Like Lonesome | Give Me Something Real | Self

2011 | Suzie Vinnick | Crazy ‘Bout Lovin’ Me | Me ‘N’ Mabel | Eizusagous Rox Records

2011 | Denise Withnell (of Cowboy Celtic) | Let Me Make it Up to You Tonight | Rose Petal Pie

2013 | The Hot Club of Mars | Lifting My Heart | Kiss of Fire | Self

2020 | Shaye Zadravec | The Slider | Now And Then | Indelible Music

2021 | Connie Kaldor | Ring The Bells at Midnight | Prairie Christmas

2021 | Jef Leeson | Me And My Baby | Vocalings: The Canuckness | Self

2022 | Suzie Vinnick | Let Me Make It Up To You Tonight | Fall Back Home | Self