Crazy Old Moon

Crazy Old Moon (1998)
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This album, released in the fall of 1998, is the first all-original solo recording in almost a decade. There's lots of variety, from the uptempo I’m On The Edge and Powered by Love to the straight-ahead country of Crazy Old Moonand No One To Talk to but the Moon (a duet with Cindy Church) to the jazzy Knockin’ On Wood.

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The Ottawa Sun
"He’s the artist formerly known as Bim. He’s also just released a spectacular new album called Crazy Old Moon"

The Vancouver Echo (Jurgen Gothe)
"Another West Coast original for whom a genre hasn't been invented yet. He's always been his own music man and that's what continus to make him great. The vocals are distinctive, the guitar solid. Some of his new blues are brilliant and the title track is a winner. Fine program, great mix."

Country Music News
"Roy Forbes continues to be one of the most unique and most unheralded talents in Canadian music. On Crazy Old Moon, Roy Forbes delivers another collection of his original compositions, meandering through country, blues, folk and jazz fields - with his usual flair for melody and lyrical phrasing. Country listeners will be particularly attracted to the album’s title tune Crazy Old Moon, the country/blues effort Crazy ‘Bout Lovin’ Me and If I Were A Raven. The ‘hit’ country pick comes in a duet effort with Cindy Church in No One To Talk To But The Moon. Chalk this one up as an early contender for Vocal Collaboration honors. One of the more infectious songs on the album is the uptempo I’m On The Edge (previously included on the 1994 UHF II album). Similar energy is found in the jazz-peppered Knockin’ On Wood, while tunes like Powered By Love, Nothing Like Lonesome and I Always Knew I Loved You showcase Forbes’ more mellow side, a forte for the singer/songwriter."

The Vancouver Courier
"Shades of Hank Williams Sr., mid-period Dylan and even Texas tunesmiths like Townes Van Zandt and Butch Hancock are cast across the palette without forfeiting too much West Coast colour."

The Georgia Straight
"On the whole Crazy Old Moon is as serious as its sombre, blank and white cover photograph ... but its concerns are adult concerns, and its overall tone is thoughtful. What all the tracks have in common is their honesty - and, of course, that voice. Crazy Old Moon finds him still dreaming and still growing."

The Vancouver Sun
"Why he hasn’t made a mint in publishing rights from his songs is a mystery; country and pop performers should be clamouring to make certifiable hits from the tunes in his library."

The Vancouver Province
"Even in a nation graced with a disproportionate share of gifted singer-songwriters, the North Shore’s Roy Forbes stands out. Now, after more than 20 years at this game, Forbes is releasing his eighth solo album, Crazy Old Moon, and it may well be his best yet."

The Montreal Gazette
"Roy, don’t stay away so long next time."