More 17th Anniversary Celebrations

This week, RRR host, Roy Forbes, continues to celebrate 17 years of Triple-R Radio on CKUA by spinning a batch of Listener Highlights sent in by faithful RRR fans. Like last week, it will be a wild eclectic ride, ranging from the first Canadian jazz 78 (circa 1920) to some deep Gospel from fourteen-year-old Aretha Franklin,  circa 1956. In between, you’ll hear be-bop, country, rock ‘n’ roll, blues, vocal group, pop, and more, all suggested by regular RRR tuner-inners.

“Dance-O-Mania”, circa 1920, has been cited by Canadian jazz historian, Mark Miller, as the first Canadian jazz recording.

The spin begins this Sunday, April 16th, 2 PM, Mountain, on donor supported CKUA. Dial in to celebrate seventeen years of revolving and revealing on Rooooy’s Record Room.

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