78s From The Crates #78 on Roy’s Record Room

This week on RRR, Roy’s back to COMBING THROUGH the endless crates of 78s IN HIS SLIGHTLY CLUTTERED BASEMENT. He’s uncovered an eclectic batch of good stuff. Big Maybelle’s very first recording circa 1944. The last Hank Williams single released in his lifetime. A fun 1956 rock ‘n’ roll attempt from veteran Western Swing BANDLEADER, Cecil Campbell. Vintage 1925 jazz from Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five. A sunny sounding tribute to love from the B-side of Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue”.

A highlight is a 1937 hot dance disc from Jack Shilkret’s band with an amiable vocal chorus from studio singer, Chick Bullock. In this number, the singer wants to get a job in radio so he can tell his sweetie that he loves her from coast to coast. Nowadays, on CKUA, he could tell the whole wide world of his undying affection.

The shellac spin begins this Sunday, November 22nd, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Tune in for a cool batch of 78s from the crates on Roooy’s Record Room. Over sixteen years of revolving and revealing.

This episode of RRR will be available ‘on demand’ for seven days after the first broadcast –  ondemand.ckua.com

A Celebration of CKUA’s 95th Birthday

This week, Triple-R Radio celebrates CKUA’s 95th birthday a day early with a stack of shellac 78s from 1927, the year of CKUA’s birth. You’ll hear essential sides from Blind Alfred Reed, Carolina Tar Heels, Bennie Moten’s Kansas City Orchestra, the Carter Family, Jane Green, Clifford Hayes & His Louisville Stompers, Bessie Smith & Her Blue Boys, Duke Ellington, Gene Austin, Charlie Poole & The North Carolina Ramblers, Lee Morse, and more.

A true highlight is a hot side from Bessie Smith and Her Blue Boys. Bessie and the fellas are totally in CKUA party mode with “There’ll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight”.

It promises to be an entertaining hour as Roy plays nothing but 78s from way back in 1927. Happy Birthday, CKUA!

The 1927 spin begins Sunday, November 20th, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Dial in to celebrate CKUA’s 95th with a stack of 1927 78s on Rooooy’s Record Room, the show that continues to revolve.


Donor Suggestions From the Fall Fundraiser

This week, on Triple-R Radio, Roy goes through a few donor suggestions that came into the RRR mailbox during the CKUA fall fundraiser. You’ll hear an eclectic batch of platters from the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Duke Ellington, Moe Koffman, Sam Cooke, Brenda Lee, Billie Holiday, Bobby Darin, and more.

One of the many highlights is a request from Lennie of Edmonton, who suggested something from the late, great Jerry Lee Lewis. In honor of the last man standing, Roy plays both sides of Jerry Lee’s very first single, spinning off of the original 1956 yellow-label Sun 78. In true Jerry Lee style, Mr. Lewis took a then-current # 1 Ray Price Country hit (Crazy Arms) and put his own indelible stamp on the tune.

Dial in to Roy’s Record Room on CKUA this coming Sunday, November 13th, 2 PM, Mountain, where you’ll hear a batch of donor requests from the fall fundraiser.

45s From The Archives

This week, Roy’s digging deep into the Triple-R Radio archives for a splendid batch of 45s from the early days of RRR. You’ll hear vintage singles from Arthur Alexander, Big Danny Oliver, Howlin’ Wolf, Dale Hawkins, Bettye Swann, Etta Jones, Buddy & Ella Johnson, Ronnie Hawkins, and more

A highlight is a 1962 Epic disc from Dr. Feelgood & the Interns. The group’s original recording of “Mr. Moonlight” inspired one of John Lennon’s most emotionally charged vocal performances when the Beatles covered the tune in 1965

The spin begins Sunday, 2 PM, Mountain on CKUA. Tune in for some 45s from the archives on Roooy’s Record Room, the program that revolves and reveals.

Thanks to everyone who joined the CKUA community by donating to the Fall Fundraiser. You’ll hear a few donor requests on next week’s RRR.

1920s 78s From The Crates

Roy’s rummaging around in another crate of 78s this week on Triple-R Radio. This time, he goes back nearly a hundred years for a batch of shellac from the 1920s. You’ll hear Hawaiian guitars from Palakiko & Paaluhi. Crooning from Annette Hanshaw.  Ragtime piano from Jelly-Roll Morton. Classic jazz from Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five. Bluesy vocalizing from Clara Smith. Old-timey string band sounds from Gid Tanner & His Skillet-Lickers.

The show kicks off with a Country music classic (Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow) from the Carter Family, recorded at the historic Bristol sessions, held in Bristol, Tennessee, over a twelve-day period in the summer of 1927. (The same year that CKUA first hit the airwaves). These sessions, where the Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers were discovered, are often referred to as the big bang of Country Music.

The spin begins Sunday, 2PM, MST, on CKUA. Dial in for a stack of 1920s 78s from the crates on Roooy’s Record Room, sixteen years and counting.

An All-78 Shellac Shack Shuffle

This week on RRR, Roy digs deep in the Triple-R Radio 78 archives for a very eclectic Shellac Shack Shuffle. You’ll hear some vintage Western Swing from Milton Brown & His Musical Brownies. Deep blues from Muddy Waters and his guitar. Raucous pre-rockabilly from the Maddox Brothers & Rose. Stunning gospel from the Staples Singers, lead by eighteen-year-old Mavis Staples. Red-hot rockabilly from Ronnie Self, a tune later covered by k d lang.

As well, Roy remains amazed at finding a classic 1927 old-timey Dock Boggs 78 in a pile of sleeveless junk that came into The Room a while back. How the heck did this rare disc make its way to North Vancouver from the Southern US? Roy gives that one a spin, to see what the excitement is all about.

The fun begins this Sunday, Oct 16th, at 2 PM, MST, on CKUA. Dial in for a good old Shellac Shack Shuffle on Rooooy’s Record Room, sixteen years and counting.

Thanksgiving Musical Pot Luck

Roy’s simply in the mood for tunes about food this Sunday on Roy’s Record Room. It’s nothing but a musical pot luck chow-down.  Amos Milburn & His Aladdin Chickenshackers get us in the groove with some Pot Luck Boogie. Stompin’ Tom Connors explains some of the finer points of combining ketchup with potatoes. King Curtis gives out a recipe for some Memphis soul stew. Tony Joe White’s Pal, Annie, fixes up a mess of polk salad. the Boswell Sisters take their sugar to tea.

Where’s dessert, you ask? Well, fortunately, Anita O’Day has a delightful suggestion. How about a Hershey bar?

The feast begins and the platters will spin this Sunday, Oct 9th, 2 PM, MST, on CKUA. Bring your appetite for a Thanksgiving Musical Pot Luck on Rooooy’s Record Room, with a pause in the middle to pay tribute to our fallen comrade, David Ward.

The Blues According To Hank Williams

This week on Triple-R Radio, Roy features a spectacular new reissue album,” The Blues According to Hank Williams / Hank Williams According To The Blues” from the RWA label. The set features Black soul, blues, jump-blues, doo-wop, jazz, rock ‘n’ roll and pop artists from the 50s and 60s interpreting the classic and versatile songs that Hank Williams wrote and recorded.

You’ll hear an eclectic mix of obscure and familiar artists such as Dinah Washington, Piano Red, Katie Webster, Jeb Stuart, Fats Domino, Joe Hinton, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Edwards, and more.

The spin begins this Sunday, October 2nd, 2 PM, MST on CKUA. You won’t want to miss this look at “The Blues According To Hank Williams  /Hank Williams According To The Blues” on Roooooy’s Record Room, constantly revolving and revealing.

Deep Blues at 78 RPM

This week, Roy dives into the RRR archives for a batch of deep blues at 78 rpm. He’ll play some essential platters from Magic Sam, Buddy Guy, Willie Nix & His Combo, Willie Mae Thornton, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Little Walter, and more. The tunes spin off of such revered blues labels as Cobra, Sabre, Artistic, Chess, Checker, RPM, Parrot, Peacock, Trumpet, and so on.

The needle hits the platters This Sunday, Sept 25th, 2 PM, MST on CKUA. Tune in for some Deep Blues at 78 rpm on Rooooy’s Record Room, the show that’s really got its mojo working.

Listener Highlights

This Sunday, Roy’s Record Room moves to a new time slot – 2 PM, Mountain. To celebrate this tiny move, we’ll hear a few Listener Highlights, sent in by such RRR fans as Val from North Rolla, Sam from Calgary, Bob from Sydney, Genia from Vancouver, Lark from Haida Gwaii, Danny from West Vancouver, Angela from Sechelt, Judi from Dawson Creek, Lorne from Orillia, and many more.

The eclectic spin begins Sunday, September 18th at 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Tune in for some cool Listener Highlights on Roooy’s Record Room, the show that continues to revolve.

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