Let’s Eat! Food Songs

This week, In honour of Thanksgiving, it’s chow-down time on Triple-R Radio. Jim Jackson swears he hears the voice of a pork chop. Louis Prima orders a banana split for his baby. Annette Hanshaw prepares breakfast for the one she loves. The only thing Nat King Cole desires is some frim fram sauce, with chafafa on the side.

Those are just a few of the many food tunes you’ll hear on RRR this week. Other items in the musical buffet includes sides from Louis Jordan & This Tympany Five, Tex Williams & His Western Caravan, The Andrews Sisters, Hank Williams, the Basin Street Boys, the Intruders, and more.

That’s Sunday, Oct 10th, 1 PM, Mountain (re-broadcast Wednesday, 4 AM) for Let’s Eat! On Rooooy’s Record Room, the show that’s always in the mood for food. Fifteen years and counting.

Note: This is an encore presentation of an earlier RRR.

Clickety -click in the RRR tab for more details.

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