Donor Suggestions From the Fall Fundraiser

This week, on Triple-R Radio, Roy goes through a few donor suggestions that came into the RRR mailbox during the CKUA fall fundraiser. You’ll hear an eclectic batch of platters from the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Duke Ellington, Moe Koffman, Sam Cooke, Brenda Lee, Billie Holiday, Bobby Darin, and more.

One of the many highlights is a request from Lennie of Edmonton, who suggested something from the late, great Jerry Lee Lewis. In honor of the last man standing, Roy plays both sides of Jerry Lee’s very first single, spinning off of the original 1956 yellow-label Sun 78. In true Jerry Lee style, Mr. Lewis took a then-current # 1 Ray Price Country hit (Crazy Arms) and put his own indelible stamp on the tune.

Dial in to Roy’s Record Room on CKUA this coming Sunday, November 13th, 2 PM, Mountain, where you’ll hear a batch of donor requests from the fall fundraiser.

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