Crate 78s Highlights Part 1

The December 31st, 2023, and January 7th, 2024, editions of Roy’s Record Room will feature an eclectic batch of 2023 highlights from RRR’s ongoing’ 78s From The Crates’ series. Roy has made a pile of cool discoveries over the past year while digging through those shellac-filled milk crates. He’ll fit as many sides as he can into the upcoming two programs. Expect the usual mix of Blues, Hillbilly, Jazz, Pop, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Doo-wop, and Jump Blues, all blasting out of rapidly revolving 78 rpm grooves

The spin begins this Sunday, December 31st, 2 PM, Mountain, on donor supported CKUA Radio. Dial in for a few Crate 78s 2023 Highlights on Rooooy’s Record Room. Always revolving. Always revealing.

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