Canadian Garage 45s (1962-1971)

This week, inspired by the 80th birthday of his pal, Terry David Mulligan, Roy takes a peek into the roots of Canadian rock ‘n’ roll with a batch of Canadian Garage 45s, spanning 1962 to 1971. Terry played many of these discs during his 1960s DJ years.

You’ll hear sides from Spring, the Poppy Family (with Susan Jacks), the Paupers, David Clayton Thomas, the Squires (Neil Young’s first record), the Deverons (Burton Cummings’ first band), the Painted Ship, the Collectors, Wes Dakus & the Rebels, Mary Saxton, the Trials of Jayson Hoover, and more.

The revealing begins on Sunday, July 3rd, 1 PM, Mountain. Tune in to check out the roots of Canadian rock on Roooy’s Record Room, the show that continues to revolve. Sixteen years and counting.

Happy 80th, Terry David Mulligan.

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