A Tribute to Buddy Holly

Roy has loved Buddy Holly’s music since getting one of his first albums, “The Buddy Holly Story”, back in 1961 or so, from an older sister’s boyfriend – most likely a pay off for making himself scarce. All through Roy’s musical life, Buddy has been there in one way or another, either through his own records or through The Beatles, The Stones, Blind Faith, The Grateful Dead, Linda Ronstadt, etc. And, of course, Buddy wore glasses.

This week, on Triple R Radio, Roy celebrates Buddy’s genius and the long shadow he continues to cast on all kinds of music, sixty-five years after his plane went down in that frozen Iowa cornfield, February 3rd, 1959.

The show begins with the 1955 Wichita Falls demos with Bob Montgomery, Moves through the Decca sides and the big hits on Brunswick and Coral, ending with the guitar-vocal Apartment Tapes, recorded in Greenwich Village in late ’58, early ’59.

The all-Buddy spin begins on Sunday, February 4th, 2 PM, Mountain, on Roooy’s Record Room. The show that revolves, reveals, and reveres.

This is an encore airing of a very popular RRR that first ran back in February, 2024. Enjoy again.

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