A Shellac Shack Shuffle

Roy spins a cool batch of 78s this week on Triple R Radio. You’ll hear early 30s pre-swing era jazz from McKinney’s Cotton pickers, Jack Bland’s Rhythmakers and more; early country from the Carter Family, J E Mainers Mountaineers; 50s honky-tonk from Ramblin’ Jimmie Dolan, the Delmore Brothers, Hank Williams, and Jess Willard; some fine vocalizing from RRR faves Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday

Tune in on Sunday, May 9th, 1 PM Mountain, (repeated Wednesday, 4 AM) for an all-78 Shellac Shack Shuffle on Rooooy’s Record Room, the show that continues to revolve, and revolve, and revolve.


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