A Mid-Summer Rockin’ 78s Dance Party

To quote Jerry Lee Lewis, we’ll be boppin’ at the high school hop this week on RRR as Roy spins nothing but rock ‘n’ roll 78s from the fifties. This annual Triple-R Radio event features twenty-three sides from the likes of Mickey & Sylvia, the Crickets (with Buddy Holly), Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Duane Eddy, Wanda Jackson, Bill Doggett, Sam Cooke, LaVerne Baker, Eddie Cochrane, and so many more.

The rockin’ begins on Sunday, July 24th, at 1 PM, Mountain. Good luck sitting still as you experience the Mid-Summer Rockin’ 78 Dance Party on Rooooy’s Record Room. Ever revolving, ever revealing. Sixteen years and counting.

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