78s From The Crates #49

This week on RRR, Roy’s back to COMBING THROUGH the endless crates of 78s IN HIS SLIGHTLY CLUTTERED BASEMENT. He’s uncovered an eclectic batch of good stuff. Big Maybelle’s very first recording circa 1944. The last Hank Williams single released in his lifetime. A fun 1956 rock ‘n’ roll attempt from veteran Western Swing BANDLEADER, Cecil Campbell. Vintage 1925 jazz from Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five. A sunny sounding tribute to love from the B-side of Buddy Holly’s “Peggy Sue”.

A highlight is a 1937 hot dance disc from Jack Shilkret’s band with an amiable vocal chorus from studio singer, Chick Bullock. In this number, the singer wants to get a job in radio so he can tell his sweetie that he loves her from coast to coast. Nowadays, on CKUA, he could tell the whole wide world of his undying affection.

The shellac spin begins this Sunday, November 22nd, 2 PM, Mountain, on CKUA. Tune in for a cool batch of 78s from the crates on Roooy’s Record Room. Over sixteen years of revolving and revealing.

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